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Headboard project for the wife  

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My wife has been keen to get a headboard for quite some time and I was constantly getting images of headboards that I thought were really awful and insanely priced. I finally buckled and said I would take a stab at making one on the cheap. I really didn't want to spend much on this project so I ended up going to Heart Eco and spending about R400 on reclaimed pine.

I didn't really think it would take me so long but in the end, dealing with reclaimed wood was definitely a bit more admin that I had expected. At this stage in my woodworking I didn't have a table saw so used a mitre saw to cut the angle for the chevron pattern. My mitre saw was out quite badly but knowing that the headboard would be somewhat rustic in the end I decided not to spend too much time making it perfect.

Once I had all my boards cut I started nailing them to segments of Ply as a backing, I used Ply to create some weight as I didn't want the headboard to be flimsy. I wanted to be able to lean back on it and feel confident it wouldn't tip. I glued and nailed the chevron patterns to 3 separate Ply panels. I kept them all as panels and then went to town on it with a belt sander. The wood looked ok as it was reclaimed but I wasn't sure how well it would accept the stain later so decided to just aggressively sand it down to fresh wood.

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After the panels were finished, I cut a frame for it and then started staining it. I used Rustoleum Kona stain which came out so much better than I thought it would. I left it on a little longer than it said I should and then wiped it off. I was quite loose with the application because I liked the contrast it was creating on different segments of grain. I think if i was using it on a table top or something I would have been a bit more methodical with the application.

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Finally I finished it with 3 coats of Woodoc 5 Matt which I really felt worked well with the look I was going for. The whole project took me way longer than I expected and with a family obligations had to be done in segments but my wife was really happy with the outcome.

Hopefully you enjoyed the build! Keen to hear anyone's thoughts 🙂

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