About Me

I am a full time Business Analyst at Derivco and have recently taken up woodworking as a weekend hobby. At first I thought it would be useful to be able to do a few odd jobs around the house but it wasn't long until I found myself glue'd to Youtube exanding my knowledge and really keen to try new techniques and build some furniture. I am still as noobie as you get and hopefully the content on this website is helpful in that I represent the basic starter trying to get into woodworking and all things I find online and try myself will be shared in articles.

Wood Samurai was born one evening when I realized how many cool projects were coming out of the makers in South Africa and wanted a way to bring it all together and build on the community. Since growing the Instagram account has given me so much enjoyment I have decided to run this website to give me a more dynamic platform to not only contribute images but also write articles about things I'm learning and to open up a shop which will source items from all the creators I am in contact with.
Copland Shepherd